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Why CoLinx?
CoLinx is a not for profit joint venture owned by five world class manufacturers of bearings and mechanical power transmission components. The purpose of the company is to create and protect jobs. We provide job security to our employees, our Owner's employees, and to their customer's employees. If we don't do our job, they can't do theirs. We do our job by shipping mission critical parts that allow machinery to operate. Without bearings and mechanical power transmission equipment, nothing moves. The company is mid-sized, employing approximately 800 people across six locations in the US and Canada.

At CoLinx, safety is our number one priority.
The workplace is clean and quiet. We provide good medical insurance from Blue Cross/Blue Shield in the US. In Crossville TN, the company employs over 500 people, and because of the large population there, we offer a wellness center for free medical care and non-narcotic generic prescriptions. We offer financial assistance to join a local fitness center. All break rooms are stocked with fresh fruit, coffee and filtered water. Vending machines include healthy choices. Two times per day, all warehouse employees do safety warm ups. Every day, we talk about safety.

We consider full time employees part of our family.
We have never had a layoff of an hourly employee since formation in 2001 despite two recessions. We have delivered a pay increase during each year since formation. Our wages are positioned for the long term. We don't pay the most, because we think those that do will go out of business. We don't pay the least because we think those that do get poor quality employees. We pay just above the mid-point based on wage and salary surveys conducted annually. We pay more for off shifts. We invest in training. We are not only trying to create better employees and managers, we are trying to create better people. Our second highest priority is treating everyone with respect. We are predictable. We have rules that are published. We follow them.

We are family friendly.
We offer 12 vacation days in year one. We allow 96 hours per year of flex time, so you can attend family events, and make up work at another time within the pay period. We have 8 paid holidays. We offer volunteer overtime first, before we schedule overtime. Our goal is to average 9% overtime, all voluntary. We have family open houses and events. Our insurance and medical benefits are offered to dependents, not just the employee. We offer company paid life insurance and low cost additional insurance for your family. We support the United Way/United Fund by matching every dollar given by our employees. We provide an annual work shoe allowance. People with perfect attendance get an additional 3 vacation days per year. After 15 years, employees get 22 paid vacation days per year. We offer family retirement security through a 401k matching program.

The workplace is dynamic.
Employee ideas are building a better workplace daily. We encourage change, and we value employee input. Every manager up to the president publishes their cell number. Our open door policy goes a step further as the executive team walks around and visits all locations. Excellent work and service years are recognized annually. We invest in the latest technology tools, and like to experiment to be better. We promote from within. The lady who runs our largest facility began as a temporary worker.

When you hire in, like all CoLinx employees, you will typically start on an off shift. A job bid program allows people to continuously learn or change jobs and shifts. Typically, within two years, people get to a job and shift of their choice. We trust our workforce, and offer a bonus for referrals that result in our getting great new employees. Our company has grown since 2001 while many are shrinking. We encourage people to see if CoLinx is the best choice for where to work. Our goal is simple. We want to be the best choice for our Owners and our employees.


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